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  2. VATSIM's largest event series is Cross the Pond. This year, CTP Eastbound 2021 is back on October 30th and Boston Logan International Airport (KBOS) is looking to be selected as one of the departure fields to host participating flights leaving across the Atlantic. All of us at Team Boston need your help to achieve this feat. Voting for departure fields is now open and we are asking all members to cast their vote's for Boston. Head over to the official CTP website here, to cast your vote and for more information on the event. Event Date: Oct. 30th, 2021 1100-2300z (6am-6pm ET) We will have full staffing at Boston beginning at approximately 5:30am ET. There will be delays at Boston for local and domestic flights given the high volume of international traffic we are expecting.
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  4. Congrats......Well Done! I like Richardsons Blueberry Pie
  5. Welcome Gregory Williams! Look forward to seeing you in the cab! I like glazed plain donuts and coffee with oatmilk.
  6. Please join me in congratulating our newest S1 controller Greg Williams (WS)! WS handled everything I could throw at him and took it all in stride. Watch out every network pilot that can't read back a clearance. You have met your match now. If anyone would like to fly in or out of PWM we will be doing our on network orientation on Sunday 09/19 (time TBD) Great job dude! Lots of fun working with you. Keep doing what you did during training and you'll be at BOS in no time!
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  8. Excellent work, Mark Rehnborg (RE), on getting a perfect score on the SOP exam! Well done!
  9. Read more about next week's Boston Tea Party in the September Logan Informer.
  10. Thanks everyone I will C U all in the cab!
  11. C, I knew I taught U well! Congrats!
  12. That is a very ConfUsing thread title.
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