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  2. As this will be the first time that I have not gotten a booking in the CTP - I still want to participate in the Joy of the Day. Or TDI, if you will. I've never actually flown a Cross-America flight, so if any BVA'ers wish to join me, I'll depart KBDL-KLAX on Saturday, April 24 at 17:30Z I believe that KBDL will be controlled at that time. JetBlue actually has such a flight. FLIGHT PLAN: DCT VEERS DCT PWL DCT IGN Q480 CANDR J60 DJB DCT KG66M DCT KK57G DCT KD48Y DCT JASSE Q90 DNERO ANJLL4 Hope you'll join me! Bring a snack. MARK MAY
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  4. One of us one of Glückwunsch und wir werden immer mehr. Heheheh
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  6. I too would love to get a slot if someone needs to give theirs up. Thanks- Mark Mayo
  7. Congrats ME! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Awesome job ME. Looks like RQ found another A90 controller. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. My first time trying to get a slot, and I did not get one. Looks like its very popular. So I am looking for a slot - i can fly out of any airport in europe - prefer landing in KBOS or KJFK. Bhasker
  10. Yes, the autopilot issue on the OOSHN...the RNAV into GHG...two slow movers switched to 22R...he handled it all with the grace under pressure we come to expect from season Boston controllers. Congratulations to @Mitch Monette (ME) for his successful OTS on Class B Approach. Pleasure working with you! Now enjoy A90 final on Saturday...well, okay, maybe not quite yet.
  11. Time for some Kraft Dinner to celebrate! (For you few Americans here in our international community, Kraft Dinner is known as "Kraft Mac & Cheese".) #DDOGE
  12. Top Tier accomplishment BY, congrats !
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