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  3. G'day! Just wanted to make a quick announcement that... CRIKEY! WHAT WAS THAT? Oh my word, it's a rare RadKe! What's he doing? It appears he is moving aircraft at the Boston airport. Sounds like he might be a bit hungry... OI! He almost got me with that reroute! Glad I was ready for that one. What a silly fella. As you can see, we always need to respect wildlife, especially new Boston Ground controllahs. Congrats to Taylor Radke for passing his Class B Ground OTS and earning his Full Certification! Keep up the good work! PS. Sorry, not sorry.
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  5. Congratulations to Bradley Clinton (CT), who completed his Class B Tower OTS today. Now he'll be able to work more than just the Connecticut airport that's named after him. Typically one of the most difficult exams to pass, this new certification allows him to wreak havoc on pilots work Boston Tower and eventually to start training to crunch metal in the air, not just on the ground for radar/Approach work. I threw everything at him, from GDPs at KJFK to TCAS RA go arounds so we at least know he'll be ready to handle the next ZNY event, even if @Austin Cirulli is working A90.
  6. Appreciate it everyone! Looking forward to joining y'all on the network!
  7. Good work! Welcome! [emoji1303][emoji323][emoji322][emoji239] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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