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  2. Thought I'd share this piece of positive feedback from one of the pilots (and Tea Party Poker prize winners):
  3. Everyone help me in sending many Congra Rats to PA for passing his Class Charlie Ground OTS tonight! PA handled both departures and arrivals efficiently without smashing two virtual planes together killing hundreds of virtual people! Very Nice!
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  6. Yeaaaa good job! Now I can give late departure handoffs to you! Hahaha good job tho
  7. I've begun reaching out to Tea Party winners. I'm notifying each winner in order: once the first-place winner replies to my email and claims their prize, I'll reach out to the second-place participant. Once everyone has been notified and claimed their prizes, I'll update this thread.
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  9. Join me in congratulating Cameron Peterson (PS) on his Class C Approach! The collective skill and knowledge of our approach controllers drops another notch PS demonstrated great knowledge and decision-making in a challenging PVD OTS, coming up with an effective vectoring plan and executing it nicely. Smart use of a "direct to" clearance at KGON and some fixed-wing aircraft that managed to just hover outside his airspace didn't hurt either. PS, nice working with you! Bring that level of knowledge and self-study to your Boston sessions (when the time comes) and you'll knock them out of the park. Until then...try not to scrape any metal. I hear aviation paint transfer is hard to buff out.
  10. Had a great time. Thanks to all the controllers for their support (and patience with me). Bhasker
  11. We have just been informed by the VATSIM Pilot Training Department that the last day for BVA members to obtain VATSIM P-ratings will be August 11 at 0000z. For those in North America, that time is 8pm ET on August 10. Accordingly, any members who are currently completing PRP flights with the intention to obtain a VATSIM P-rating will need to complete the requisite flights by that time. (To allow us some processing time, we would suggest that Saturday, August 8 is the last day to reliably complete a qualifying PRP flight and still receive the corresponding P-rating.) As in previous announcements, including when the go live date was pushed up from September 1 to August 18, BVA was not provided with an opportunity to comment or have input on this change. A segment of the message from the VATSIM Pilot Training Department, which was received today, is below: We are excited about the launch of Wings Over New England, which remains scheduled for August 16. Until the release of Wings Over New England, BVA members will be able to continue flying Pilot Ratings Program flights, though they will no longer qualify for VATSIM Pilot Ratings.
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