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  3. BVA’s Air Traffic Control Training Department is excited to announce ATP! Until now, controllers have had to rely on volunteer staff members to provide training. Because sessions were happening on evenings and weekends, progress through the training program was sometimes hampered by scheduling. That’s all changed with ATP! Starting immediately, student controllers will be able to book guaranteed training sessions with Mentors and Instructors for a fee. Once the fee is paid, the controller will receive training within the next 48 hours. The rates for guaranteed training range from $30/hour to $5/hour, depending on the calibre of the Mentor or Instructor being booked. For pilots, the new system means controllers will be trained faster, resulting in even more coverage on the network. But the real value is to student controllers, who will be able to benefit from improved consistency and better access to training. Controllers looking for more information about ATP should visit the ATC Hub.
  4. Read more about Cross the Pond and other community news in the April Logan Informer.
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  7. If anyone wants a slot, let me know. LIRF-KBOS is available. We'll need to coordinate how to make the swap.
  8. Congratulations to Taylor Mock (MK) for passing his Class C/D Ground OTS! Taylor was calm and collected while he sifted through all the bad routes, equipment suffixes, and pilots incapable of squawking correctly. All aircraft moved in an efficient manner, even if somebody didn't know how to spell their departure airport correctly. Taylor will be a great addition to the team, and I look forward to seeing him move through the ranks. Welcome to the scopes!
  9. Saludos RZ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. What happens when Josh uses Google Translate... Felicidades!
  11. Congratulations to Mateo Rodriguez (RZ) who earned his full certification on Boston Tower on 3/24. Nice work!
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  13. Set the parking brake on the airliner and knock the cobwebs off your favorite general aviation aircraft! The General Aviation Fly-In visits locales across the country that are famous for their scenery and general aviation influence. While anything from a single engine Cessna to a regional jet is welcome in this event, ‘low and slow’ offers the best opportunity to experience the scenery. During the event, local air traffic control is staffed at smaller Class C and D airports, with overlying radar controllers to provide VFR Flight Following and IFR services. Fly VFR closed traffic, practice instrument approaches, or fly VFR or IFR between the featured airports: the choice is yours. This week's event features the Providence Intl. and Quonset State airports. This is a great time to try out one of our PRP flights. Head over to https://forum.bvartcc.com/bvaportal/prp/index/ to check out our VFR/IFR PRP series. With Quonset staffed, you can do PRP VFR2 with full staffing into the airport.
  14. Guess what ladies and germs, we have a NewLy certified Boston Ground controller. And its Dillion Newell (NL)! Guess we all will be seeing him on Boston ground during events now that he went through the gauntlet of the Full Cert OTS. Keep up the great work and remember. Don't point them at each other.
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