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  4. Evan Reiter


    Please send me an email ([email protected]) with how exactly you wanted to help, any past experience or new ideas you have, etc. and I'll forward it to the team.
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  6. James Taylor


    If I was interested in helping with FLAi, who would I contact?
  7. Congrats Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Everyone send many congarats our newest S1 Francis Reilly (RY) on passing his OTS today! RY came prepared to every session and didn't give up when sessions were frustrating. I'm looking forward to RY continuing his journey as a controller and becoming an asset to the ARTCC.
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  10. Please join me in welcoming BVA's newest S1 Devin Payne (PY)! PY is a very strong controller who handled everything I could throw at him in stride. He will no doubt be a strong addition to the BVA roster and will be showing off his tin-pushing prowess soon at an airport near you! Congratulations PY, enjoy it! Well deserved!
  11. Evan Reiter


    Short answer: probably not. Longer answer: We're looking at compatibility. The challenge right now is that nobody (we know of) has figured out how to add AI aircraft models to flight simulator. Our team has tried a number of things and hasn't been able to figure out how this would be done. As a result, we can't even tell whether or not the models we have will display in the sim. If they can be displayed, then it should be easy to create compatibility. But if there is no way to inject the models, or if the models we have won't display (as we suspect), then there won't be a way for FLAi to work with the new simulator.
  12. Guest


    is there any chance flai will be compatible with flight simulator 2020?
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