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  1. I just checked today and the following BVA featured airports should be added to the list above: KBVY Additionally, I don't see a conflict with ORBX's KPVD as far as FSX:SE goes...it may be a problem for P3D but since I don't own P3D I can't tell ya.
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses. I don't go to any other conferences during the year so I think this one would be a lot of fun, especially since I enjoy the hobby and would love to ask developers where they plan to position themselves with the new MS Flight Simulator coming out. I'll let you guys know what I decide.
  3. I'd like to know if this event is worth attending. I live in CT and so the cost to attend would be considerable with flight, hotel and car. In 2017, I attended the FlightSimCon at KBDL and loved it. Of course, that was really close to home. Would I see much of the same at this event? I wouldn't plan on buying any sim hardware as I'm holding out to invest in the upcoming version of MS Flight Simulator in 2020 (I'm afraid that might take a new PC to run, lol :)). I do enjoy the opportunity to meet fellow simmers and catch up on the latest in the flight sim world. I'm interested in your thoughts, particularly if you've attended the event in the past.
  4. In the spirit of remaining professional and keeping to our form of being real world, I would recommend we adopt the new terminology. However, being an actual real-world IFR-cert pilot, I have not heard of or read of this anywhere. I will check at my local airport this weekend to get more details. Thanks for the heads up!

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