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  1. **ATTENTION. Use caution when operating aircraft in ZBW Class C radar environments: you may be receiving vectors from our newest radar controller: Mateo Rodriguez (RZ)** — In all seriousness, congratulations to RZ on passing his S3 OTS! It's well deserved. And, given RZ's timeless battle for most hours controlled in ZBW this year (639* hours and counting!), I'm sure we'll see plenty of Class C TRACONs online over the coming weeks. Onward and upward! *only a 28 minute edge on Jay. It's. Getting. Close.
  2. After swiftly handling more arrivals into Providence's RWY 23 than the network may ever see — vectoring with maximum accuraCY — Corey Miller (CY) has become our newest S3 rated controller! In fact, it looks like you can catch him on ACK_APP at this very moment. Congratulations, CY!
  3. Congratulations are in order for Justin Blakey (BY) — After just a brief spurt with his student authorization, BY chose to dive back into the sweatbox and swiftly handled everything thrown at him during his Class B Tower OTS. Despite my attempts to stir up chaos with very close—but not quite right—readbacks, BY kept the situation fully under wraps without breaking a sweat. Please welcome our newest full Class B Tower controller! Congrats, BY!
  4. Andrew Van Sickle (VE) did a very nice job juggling all moving parts in the crossing runway config, earning him a full Class B Tower certification! Congratulations, VE!
  5. Please join me in congratulating Cameron Peterson (PS) in earning his full Class B Tower certification today! I tried throwing everything I could at him—the Skyhawk entering the pattern at Boston, the old heavy Jet Blue A330*, the most poorly timed go-arounds imaginable—yet Cam wouldn't crack. He prioritized ruthlessly, kept people moving (safely), and ultimately pushed some serious tin at Boston. Onward and upward! *found exclusively in the sweatbox
  6. ...for Nathan Oines (NO) on Class C Approach. That's because he killed the OTS and can now work Class C approach on the network! Big congrats to Nate on the S3 promotion. Onward and upward!
  7. Congrats, BN! You'll do a fabulous job. And thanks, DB, for everything you've done so far!
  8. Everyone join me in giving congrats to Alec Liberman (LN), our newest Class C radar controller. He breezed right through all of the IFR, VFR and satellite traffic I could throw at him in the sweatbox last night -- all without any losses of separation! Onward and upward!
  9. Thanks, Mike, for everything you've done! You've truly carried our training program through the past few years. And Evan -- congrats! Really looking forward to see you thrive in the position and take the program to next level.
  10. Congrats, Evan! Looks like you won't be needing an OTS this weekend after all. ;)
  11. Congrats, WN! Excited for your first event this weekend. ;) Thanks, BN, for all your hard work, including another very successful Tea Party!
  12. Great to hear, Dube! Thanks for everything you've done for ZBW and will undoubtedly continue to do. You deserve it!