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  1. "THANK YOU SO MUCH" to all and everyone that participated in the growth of BVARTCC. I join special thanks to Szymon and the creators of "the new way" that allows us to continue enjoying Flight Simulation and Air Traffic Control, together !!!
  2. I agree ! Being only able to observer the "intense" situation for 30 minutes, I must say that everyone was working hard, controlling and departing/holding/landing in such bad weather. Great night for BVARTCC !!!
  3. Many Thanks, :) it worked ... congratulations for this great idea ... I will show those colors on Tuesday February 19th ... along with my Tango Squadron friends, flying an afternoon training route from KSYR to KACK. (Six B738's)
  4. Hi ! -- I downloaded the "BVA_B738.ptp" file to my desktop ... where do I place this file to have the livery active for me ?
  5. Eli, Well, I will take those ideas for flights and bring them to my group, called "The TANGO SQUADRON". We usually fly weekly, on Tuesday afternoons - from 12:30 to 15:00, Eastern Time, and we welcome everyone. Our flight plans are viewable inside the "Pilot Timetable". We meet in the BVARTCC Teamspeak. Cheers and thanks!
  6. Your plan seems to be an interesting journey ... around 25+ airports to visit ... How do you plan to have pilots join the adventure & (Schedule : daily, weekly, monthly ... ) :)
  7. Hi Everyone, Maybe you have wondered about a mysterious Squadron haunting the skies of ZBW or elsewhere in the World. Well, some of you know me, and have seen my group plan flights as we post them in the PILOT TIMETABLE. The purpose of such "Tuesday EDT afternoon FLIGHTS" is to allow European members or other members from different time zones to practice standard BVARTCC evening EVENTS ... which occur at 2 am European sleeping time, for example. So please join us on Teamspeak and fly along with the TANGO SQUADRON, if this suits your own schedule better. We meet around 12:45 EDT, every Tuesdays. My name is Gilles, aka "airtangofive". My friends are from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, the US North East and so on ... and of course Canada and Quebec where I come from. We can use a mix of many languages. I've been gathering great people for as long as I was a member of the BVARTCC community ... since 2008. ;) NEXT FLIGHT : My flight is one of 7 SIMULTANEOUS Tango Squadron airport departures to Boston Logan (KBOS)... from KBHB KDCA KDXR KGFL KHIE KISP and KSWF.--- ALL WELCOME!
  8. Congratulations Alec; it is always a pleasure flying when you are in the tower! :)
  9. Having been part of the BVATC Administration before Project Vector started with the merger, I want to salute the great success that is now bringing new opportunities and enjoyment to our new community. We have reached new altitudes "in blurring the line between virtual flying and reality". I'm very grateful for all the work accomplished! I will continue to offer my complete collaboration. Thank you so much! :)
  10. Congratulations Evan! I'm very happy to see your continuing dedication, in all areas where you always show excellence! :)
  11. It would be great if pilots, wanting to fly the "New Beginning Event" on Sunday August 23rd, 3-7 pm, did register their plans in the PILOT TIMETABLE. This would certainly encourage participation! ;)
  12. Sorry, I should have mentioned that PILOTS can register a flight for others to lookup in the Pilots' Timetable. Actually, the ATC is a private registration page belonging to the ATC STAFF for their own scheduling coordination. Please contact the ATC Admins for further instructions.
  13. Hi Everyone, I consider that each member, controller or pilot alike, is always making "a great Event" happen anytime one is participating, be it during Events or outside peak hours. With our new community growing again I would like to interest you to our "Pilot Timetable" as well as the "ATC Timetable". I know that some like to plan their flight simming and controlling, others like to jump in when they have time. Many, would like to know where the action is. With good coordination between the two Timetables and the announced Events, you could gain some happy traffic being where the action is: simply by referring to the timetables and registering your planned controlling and/or proposed flights! I hope that you will use those useful timetables and help grow some incentives that could bring more people together! Have a peek at those: http://www.bvartcc.com/AllMembers/PilotTimetable.aspx http://www.bvartcc.com/AllMembers/ATCTimetable.aspx Cheers!
  14. Congratulations Evan! - Thanks for leading the way, I'm looking forward to see our ATC staff join together in the ZBW ARTCC. By the way, congratulations also to every controller that are working on their vZBW certifications. The Future looks great!

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