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    I came across this the other night. Don't know it works. Any inspiration in here? https://github.com/omarocasio/MSFS_ModelMatching ? Gez
  2. Just a random and possibly insane thought. It's getting dark early in the northern hemisphere. Most people only fly or control in the evenings because of that four letter word: work. That means we all start to suffer from SAD because we have to fly in the dark for the winter (OK maybe controllers probably don't care because they always work in the dark ). Has anybody considered the idea of controllers controlling regions outside their home territories - to the West thereof. A winter holiday for controllers which would allow us to fly in the evening in places where the sun is still shining. I'm sure that's super hard for controllers to shift their home base (maybe not even allowed without new exams and all) but maybe it would be fun for them to have the ability to guest star in different regions but at a time in the evenings in their own regions, not the evening of the region that they are controlling in. It could even become a chaotic fun event in its own right. I mean come on, us Brits used to control the US, we didn't do that a bad job - you turned out nice (even if you did throw our tea away in your harbour )
  3. Deep respect for the amount of effort put into this. Thank you one and all. I look forward to tucking into the material and becoming a better pilot. I've already had an 'oh that's how that fits together, I never realised that' moment, and thats just skimming through one IFR flight supporting material.

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