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  1. Glad you didn't "muss" anything up! Well done HN, and welcome to the team. You'll learn very quickly that the puns never get any better...
  2. Well done! It'll be nice to have someone else to try to talk into getting on for neighboring events!
  3. Whose idea was it to name all these threads with puns based on Operating Initials? Oi! Today, Ben Rosenberg (RG) completed his Class B Tower OTS in our 22/22 configuration. Typically the hardest OTS to complete, the Class B Tower session separates the local (Tower) controllers from those forever confined to working BOS_DEP during events. VFR transitions, a brand new MSFS pilot, heavy Jet Blue 747's, 15R departures, poor final work from the overlying controller, and a JFK ground stop couldn't stop him. Well done RG!
  4. Yeah, I think he means 7pm - 12am ET. I guess it's just difficult to include all of that on the banner.
  5. This thread has been locked.
  6. I'm sorry to share with the BVA community that the group of people who built FLAi, including three BVA members, have elected to remove it. FLAi will no longer be available for download or access to BVA members or other VATSIM users. You can read more at www.flai.app. Personally, this is the toughest "flight sim" moment I've had for quite some time. In trying to support a hobby that's supposed to be fun, there has been a lot of heated disagreement and challenge of how to move forward. I'm proud of what we were able to contribute to VATSIM but truly defeated in the sense that we weren't able to maintain that going forward. I fought as hard as I could, and it wasn't enough. This news has no impact to X-Plane or MSFS users, as the original package didn't support them anyway. However, those on FSX/P3D will need to find other solutions for model matching. From a BVA perspective, I'll keep my eyes open to other potential solutions and consider them for eventual inclusion in the Getting Started Guide, which will soon be updated to remove mention of FLAi. If anyone has suggestions for alternatives, I'm all ears! I'll be locking this thread, but if someone hears of or creates model matching solutions for any of the simulators, I'd encourage them to reach out so we can continue to improve our resources for new members.
  7. HA HA HA...looking forward to working with you! You're about to find out firsthand what it means when you hear "VFR request" on frequency...
  8. The original post has been edited to provide information for pilots of MSFS and X-Plane, and to reference the availability of Aerosoft's NavDataPro service. (For the detail-oriented community members, note that I cheated and called the current AIRAC 2101, even though it's not effective until later this month. I thought saying "the current AIRAC in January 2021 is 2013" might be a little confusing for people new to the concept.)
  9. Hi PC! Welcome. And don't tell @Chris Raabe your initials. He doesn't know the meaning of "PC"

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