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Francis Dube

I see a new I1 on the horizon

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I am pleased to announce that Camden Bruno (BN) has [s:27azhohz]taken the bait[/s:27azhohz] been promoted to the rank of Instructor here at vZBW. As our Events Coordinator and a mentor BN has rapidly become a go to staff member that has brought back great things to our team. His drive and knowledge of ATC and our standards makes this a no brainer for the position and we expect great things to come of it!


Again, congrats Camden and enjoy the new position.

Francis Dube (DB)



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Thank you, guys! Really appreciate it. I?m very excited to take on this new position and to continue to assist the training department to ensure vZBW maintains its reputation of the ARTCC where excellence is routine.


I know I've said this plenty of times on these forums, but as students should know I have an open-door policy. If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to contact me at [email protected].




P.S. Students beware: I'll be asking DO and DB for tips and tricks on how to run sweatboxes as haunting as theirs. Just keep that in mind  ;) :P

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