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Guest PG

We're Going Up a Number

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Guest PG

If you happen to be digging around the NFDC data releases around midnight like me, you might've noticed that the LOGAN 8 will be the new LOGANx, also all the other Boston SIDs would appear to also be incrementing up one. Burlington will go to Burlington 7, [s:3kk237ii]while Bedford will go to Hanscom 9[/s:3kk237ii] already happened at Hanscom, I'm behind the times. Now, I'm not great at reading these, and I was wondering if anyone could interpret the following:


D0121     NA N4156209W07241001BDL     NOT ASSIGNED BRADLEY ONE 



For anyone interested in reading the stuff, look for STARDP here https://nfdc.faa.gov/xwiki/bin/view/NFD ... 2015-06-25




EDIT: CSTL6 at BDL too

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Guest Denny Puka

Will this effect any other SID's in ZBW? like bangor one becoming bangor two, portland four to portland five, etc

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Guest PG

That would not appear to be the case, but I may have missed a couple.

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The new KBOS and KBDL SIDs are now available on FltPlan.com. We now have published top altitudes! Other than that, there doesn't appear to be any changes to the altitude profiles or departure routes. I have attached a comparison of the SSOXS3 and the SSOXS4 RNAV departures.

Philip Katz (KZ)

C1 Controller at Boston Virtual ARTCC (BVA)

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