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Dan Everette

Congratulations to Richard Wang!

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Congratulations to Richard Wang on successfully completing the PRP VFR-4 flight! He was able to nimbly navigate the complexities of VEE EFF and ARE departures out of Baaahhhston. Richard demonstrated an innate ability to deftly avoid other aircraft while avoiding the "big boys" in the "BIG BOEING" BRAVO of Boston.


Despite Boston Approach holding their tongue from saying to other aircraft "... traffic at your 2 to 3 o'clock, northwest bound at 4,500, not a factor, he knows what the hell he's doing"... Richard proved that he can dance among the Class D's and B's with style!!


Outstanding job!!!

Dan Everette (EE)


Retired vZBW TA, DATM, ATM

Hair Farce 1 Survivor

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Richard kept at it last night, finishing PRP VFR 5 and 6, and then IFR 1, 2, and 3. He stopped at KORE, KCEF, KASH, KBOS, KPVD, and KMVY last night in a marathon of PRP flights.



Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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