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Camden Bruno

Plethora of new certifications

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Since we began our new ATC training program after the merger, the training staff has been working extremely hard to get the remaining legacy BVA members re-certified for their positions as well as handling all regular training requests for progressing controllers. That said, something we have faded away from is posting when students pass their practical over-the-shoulder (OTS) exams. We have created this new child board, named "Recognizing Excellence" as a designated location to publicly recognize all of the achievements and success of our members, whether it was a PRP flight, ATC practical exam, or a 100% on a recent written exam.


Controllers, please keep in mind that any off-peak approval for a Class B position is considered an authorization, NOT a certification. In other words, if you achieved an off-peak authorization and are wondering why your name isn't on the following list, that is the reason. Anyway, here are our most recent certifications since the start of our new training program that were not previously posted.

  • Hajian, Krikor (HI) - Class C Tower
  • Saminston, Sam (SS) - Class C Ground
  • Wygel, Barry (WL) - Class C Approach
  • Alarcon, Rafael (AN) - Class C Ground
  • Marshall, Joshua (JA) - Class B Tower
  • Laba, Bostjan (LA) - Class C Ground
  • Dupree, Matt (MD) - Class B Tower
  • Perrone, Dan (PN) - Class B Tower


Please join us in congratulating these members on their accomplishments and hard work!

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Excellent work gents... My experience with these new controllers has been excellent.  Keep learning as you go and treat the cert as a license to learn.  The best controllers (RW or otherwise) never stop trying to improve their skills..



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