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Mike Willey

A lot of weekend PRP activity...

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Many pilots are taking advantage of our PRP pilot rating program and this weekend is no exception.  Here are a few who passed their flights while I was on CTR last night and this afternoon..


Congratulations to the following:


James Yuen - VFR1 and VFR2

Nils Backe - IFR1 and IFR2

Arvid Hansson - VFR2 and VFR3

Wesley Chin - VFR1, VFR2, VFR3 and VFR4

Gia Pham - VFR1, VFR2, VFR3 and VFR4

Krikor Hajian -  IFR1 and IFR2


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And several more last night.  They all swarm in on a CTR controller  8) .. Thanks to SS for being on KBOS GND to help out...


James Yuen - IFR4 and IFR5

Wesley Chin - IFR4 and IFR5

Arvid Hansson - IFR4

Krikor Hajian - IFR2

Kyle Kato - VFR1

Sarvesh Patel - IFR1 and IFR2


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Thanks for the recognition.


I look forward to continuing my journey through the programme once I'm back after the holidays. I have thoroughly enjoyed the flights and the service has been excellent throughout!

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