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Camden Bruno

Chaos on the Charlies

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Please join me in congratulating yet another controller for earning his Class C APP certification, Mr. Krikor Hajian (HI). It has been my pleasure to train him, as his dedication, study habits, and preparation always impress me. He sped through the S3 training with a solid knowledge-base and impressive approach control skills. He caught each of my tricks and sequenced all of the aircraft like a pro. Keep up the great work, HI!

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Congratulations, Krikor! I am really proud of you. I remember that one night when you were just another pilot flying in and I we started chatting. It's been a huge pleasure watching you cruise though ratings faster than a Concorde (heh, heh). Can't wait to staff up adjacent sectors with you.

Great job, buddy :D

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Thank you so much everyone! It's been a pleasure to work with everyone so far, and I look forward to doing iton the TRACON level! OOOh yea, LN, I remember when I was a silly VATSIM pilot. Man, I've come so far since I joined haha. Thanks again everyone!

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Guest David Rondeau

Nice work HI. As LN said, you've flown through the process. It's impressive and should inspire me to get my own butt in gear and get training. You're clearly a natural man and from speaking to you flying in and out of ZBW it's clear you are a pro and working really hard. Keep it goin!


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