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Kyle Rosenquist

Newest A90 Controller

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Please help me congratulate Arvid Hansson (HO), who earned his full on-peak A90 cert this evening. He's a C3 who recently transferred from "across the pond", and has breezed through all of his checkouts up to this point. The effort he has put into studying the SOPs and differences between Europe and U.S. ATC is extremely impressive. Expect to see him on 134.7 sooner rather than later...


Congrats HO!

Kyle Rosenquist

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Congrats HO! Your enthusiasm and talent make you a perfect fit, and you have done an incredible job from what I have seen! I enjoyed flying with you, and can't wait until I can give you a call on 34.7! Now if only I could figure out why my 777 won't descend via the QUABN......;)

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