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Camden Bruno

No More Training!

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I'm sure the subject of this post caught your attention...


Please join me in congratulating Alec Liberman (LN) (Ellen) (Chief Poet) on completing his BVA ATC training last night, earning his full en-route certification. LN handled a tremendous amount of traffic with a ZDC event in progress to the south and a CXA group-flight departing BHB en-route to Toronto airspace. He demonstrated all necessary skills, from DEL/GND up, and did a truly impressive job.


It's been a pleasure watching you progress up the ranks as a controller over the years and I look forward to see you on the scopes (during peak times  ;) )



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Congrats Alec! It's always a pleasure to work and fly with you, and while I was getting creamed on DCAFR I'm sure you knocked it out of the park on ZBW! Congrats buddy



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Congrats LN! You did fantastic, especially prior to a few of us signing on at Boston. Covering everything top down is impressive even without an event going on. I look forward to working with you during peak times!

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Thank you very much everyone! It's been a pleasure to work with all of you and this amazing community as a whole.


Oh, and keep your eyes open for the next edition of Christmas at ZBW, coming soon to a forum post near you! 

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