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Camden Bruno

Time to EmbaRQ on a journey to the BOS ATCT

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Austin Cirulli (RQ) did a fantastic job during his Boston Ground OTS this afternoon, hitting it out of the park on his first try. For all Observers and Class C DEL/GND controllers, you should look at RQ as a model student and aim to follow in his path. I'm continually impressed by his dedication and care. He ensures that he shows up to every session prepared, and leaves every session with exactly what he needs to work on for next time. In doing so, he is earning certifications in a very timely fashion considering he puts the time and effort into studying and practicing. Keep up your positive attitude, RQ. I look forward to working with you more on frequency and am excited to watch you continue to rise up the ranks.


Onwards and upwards,

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I'm glad to hear that you've managed to impress another mentor with your dedication and eager to learn, although I certainly didn't expect anything else!


Well deserved, I look forward to working a busy BOS with you in the near future!

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Thanks a ton guys! Couldn't have done it without everyone helping me along the way, be it with mentoring/instruction or helping me learn.



Austin Cirulli

Community Content Coordinator

Administration Team

ZBW's most quotable controller - WN


Is Evan Controlling?



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