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Evan Reiter

It's really hard to come up with a pun on RQ

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My mind has been running in CIRcles trying to find a pun on RQ, but that doesn't nULLIfy the excellent work Austin has been doing on Class C Tower training. That culminated today in a successful OTS on Class C Tower at PWM. We threw everything we could at him: VFR, IFR, SVFR, missed approaches, practice approaches, some interestingly-timed VFR closed traffic requests...and he handled it all like a pro. No need for the goal horn or anything.


After yet another 100% score on an exam (this time, the VATUSA S2), RQ has been promoted to the ranks of the S2's, and will be looking forward to the next BDL Tuesday to get some Class C Tower time in. Watch out PI!




Evan Reiter

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No goal horn? Wow, you must've done really well considering how trigger happy RT is with that thing.


Keep up the amazing work, RQ. Your hard work, dedication, and perseverance does not go unnoticed.


I guess π better start working on his S3 ASAP before RQ starts stealing BDL_TWR from him every Tuesday.

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I guess π better start working on his S3 ASAP before RQ starts stealing BDL_TWR from him every Tuesday.




Congrats dude! Looking forward to seeing you out on the network as a tower controller! Keep up that awesome persistence that you are known for and I know you will do great at BOS!

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Damn it RQ look what you did! Now GD has to finish off A90 and start working on his C1 asap.


Big congrats! I guess you're not as unlucky as you thought with those sessions because you've passed your OTS very quickly and I'm not surprised that happened seeing how you could basically take over for me last Bradley Tuesday. Seriously great progress, keep it up.


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