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Evan Reiter

Anyone Like RB's? Can't Say I'm BG into their Roast Beef

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Seriously...who is ever that hungry that they feel it's reasonable to eat at Arby's? I've never watched television ads that make food look so inedible.


What, we're live? Oh, okay...Congratulations to BVA's two newest soon-to-be C1s! Brandon Bergna (BG) and Chris Raabe (RB) recently completed successful off-peak Center OTSs, and will be managing the complex airspace across New England. Becoming a Center-certified controller is the result of a tremendous amount of self-study, hard work, and bothering Mentors and Instructors for training.


Brandon began ATC training on February 16, 2015 with ATC Mentor Andrew Miller. Less than a month later, I worked with Brandon on Class B Ground and told him to stop "calling out aircraft for incorrect taxi instructions" and to use more professional "amend taxi instruction" phraseology instead. It's always fun seeing how far we've come: Brandon he passed his Class B Approach off-peak certification on July 28, 2016. Since then, he's worked almost 200 hours on the network refining his skills at the Approach and Center level.


An avid enthusiast of BVA's military, Chris actually started his training way back on October 23, 2012. In my first-ever training post, I wrote "Student's first session on position was extremely strong, enough so for the certification. Things started out a little shaky -- not surprising since it was his first on-session experience -- but with heavy traffic in tonight's KBOS/KPWM Regional Circuit event the student performed exceptionally." Not much has changed: Chris continues to excel throughout his local training, many years of regular ATC at the local control level, and eventually his first Approach training session in January, 2016.


We thank Brandon and Chris for their dedication to the community, and welcome them as BVA's newest Center controllers. Congratulations, gentlemen!



Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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Congrats RB, and BG!


You guys will Be Great center controllers, keep up the hard work and I'm sure you will React Better, and faster to any situation thrown your way! (Yeah that one was a stretch)


Look forward to working with you guys soon!

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Fantastic job guys! Great to see you progress and achieve one of the highest levels of competency on VATSIM. That speaks to your dedication and knowledge.

Also, huge props to both you and your instructors for busting your ass in the past few weeks to get this done before one of the biggest weekend of events for BVA.

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Congrats gents! How's it feel to take your last written exam?


P.S. You still have to get through on-peak. So I can still blackmail you into things in exchange for on-peak monitoring/training. That said, go sign-up for more 60 Hours shifts. Mwahaha.

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Congrats gents! How's it feel to take your last written exam?

Well.... last written before the I1 written.... :)  I see some 'giving back to the community' :)

That ain't a given  :P ;D
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