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Evan Reiter

Punning These Initials is a Real Quagmire

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I'd like to propose that we change RQ's initials to something easier to make puns out of. Either that, or I'm just going to have to stop training him. Either way, I'm happy to say that RQ is our latest Class B Tower controller, having completed the Class B Tower Off-Peak authorization on the network this evening.


Thanks to some quality helicopter flying from our ZNY friend AJ, we got everything from helicopters, VFR requests, IFR jetliners, and even a few .wallop requests too! Good times were had by all except RQ, which usually means it was a good session.


My favorite line of the night was definitely "takeoff from the beach at your own risk". Good thing they have spare helicopters sitting there...



Evan Reiter

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Sorry I tried ;/


Austin, you put the most amount of time of any students I've seen into reading procedures and just studying in general.

After putting solid hours with Evan on Tower in the evenings it's great to see you getting certified.

Welcome to Boston!

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Slow clap RT, slow clap...


CONGRATS RQ!!!! Seeing you rise through the ranks as a tower controller has been scary enlightening and I look forward seeing you continue to progress. Just remember to check wheels down and to correct for magnetic variation.


Blue skies,

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Congrats RQ! Your dedication is impressive, and work ethic is something that many people (myself included) can learn from. Keep up the good work!



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Another Really Quality controller on Boston Tower!

I wanted to use that line, but I couldn't lie, I was taught that's a bad thing to do.



Haha, just kidding, great job RQ, you earned it. Just remember your gear, and to identify yourself.  ;)

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