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Yes, I did it...I came up with another pun on RQ! Now I'll RQuest from Clif that some other unlucky Mentor or Instructor gets assigned to Austin for his next training session so I don't have to think of RQ-related puns anymore.


Wait, what, we're live? Oh, my bad, sorry...uh, hello, good evening, and it's my pleasure to share that Austin Ciruclqiduqialli (RQ) has just completed the Class C Approach OTS at Providence (PVD). This gives Austin the Class C Approach certification, meaning he'll be out on the network staffing up Class C and D facilities from behind a radar screen.


Over the past weekend, BVA has certified no less than 3 new Class C Approach controllers, including Josh Nunn (NU) who worked together with Austin Cirulli (RQ) in a group session. It's wonderful for our community to see so much training activity and upward progress from controllers like Austin, Josh, and Sean Doyle (DY). And for the pilots in our community, keep a sharp eye out for traffic the next time you're flying into some of our smaller airports: no doubt these three will be out in full force!



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