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Krikor Hajian

aNUther one!

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I am happy to announce that yet again we've had a controller certified for the on-peak A90 Boston TRACON certification! Please join me in congratulating Josh Nunn (NU) on passing his A90 OTS and gaining full certification for one of the hardest positions in the ARTCC! Josh did a great job and only broke two airplanes kept everyone separated and got them in to Boston safely. Congrats Josh, keep up the good work!



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Thanks guys!


I want to return the thanks to AM, RT, GD, HI, and LE for all the hours you’ve put into training me this year. And all the others who have helped along the way - RB for “spontaneous” military ops training, DL same for helicopters, BN for interjecting snide remarks providing valuable insight, RQ for yelling at me throughout my first regional circuit (hey, it put some hair on my chest), HS for teaching me how to make 8 pilots cry during tea party, PI for talking me out of drinking an entire bottle of fireball (ok I still drank it, but more slowly) and to the rest of you guys who I am sure have had to deal with something I screwed up at some point - it’s been a fun journey. Thank you for your commitment to this team!



Josh Nunn

Air Traffic Manager

Administration Team

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Also...don't forget DO's advice that he put on GD's thread! ;)


I forgot to mention earlier...  As many instructors (ATC, flight, etc.) will often mention....  Remember that this is a license to learn, practice your craft, and get REALLY good at it.  Unless your passion is enroute controlling, where I can understand a zeal to jump up and start your enroute training right away, there is a LOT of value in taking some time, several weeks, and really get excellent at working major TRACON, particularly during events.  :)

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