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Jamsheed Lovelace


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Congratulations to NU for becoming our newest fully certified Center controller! After spending dozens of hours doing everything wrong without anyone watching, Josh was able to do his job well enough to fool us during his monitored sessions. If you find yourself flying under Josh's control and hear a repetitive beeping sound in the background, take comfort in knowing that you are the one most likely in danger.


On a more serious note, Josh has progressed very quickly through all his certifications (in just under a year). He prepared very well for every lesson and was always prepared to learn and give his best. His dedication to controlling on the network has seen him gain valuable experience while also building solid proficiency. But remember, Josh, this is not the end of learning.


You will be constantly challenged, and Center requires high proficiency and knowledge to provide an enjoyable experience for pilots on the network and your fellow controllers. Be humble and admit your mistakes while also never giving up. Continue to critique yourself, and keep challenging yourself to do better every session. Remember to stay positive as much as possible, and don't be shy to ask for help when you're overwhelmed or feel you will be close to it. Keep up the good work, and congratulations!


May the Vector Gods protect your localizers.

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When you open up the "Recognizing Excellence" category on the forum, it'll show you the 20 most recent threads where people are congratulated on passing OTSes.

Fun fact: 4 of them are to congratulate Josh at the time of writing this. I think that speaks perfectly to the commitment and hard work NU displayed over the past year.


BVA provides one of the most challenging training programs on VATSIM and it's a great accomplishment not only complete it, but do it all in 1 year.


Onwards and upwards my friend!

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