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Josh Nunn

Another Cam in BVA?? Call the coPS!!

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It’s my pleasure to welcome Cameron Peterson (PS) to the roster as our newest S1. This kid did an outstanding job during his OTS at PWM Tuesday evening. He’s got a wicked scan already and refuses to break under pressure. Good indications of a bright future ahead. 


Great work buddy!


PS: Don’t forget to keep up the good habits you’ve developed such as reviewing SOPs carefully and listening to ATC Twitch streams to help master your phraseology.




Josh Nunn

Air Traffic Manager

Administration Team

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listening to ATC Twitch streams to help master your phraseology.




Cogrants Cam, welcome to the team!


Wait .. now that we have two Cams, we can't use "Cam" anymore because we won't know which one is which.  ::)

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Don’t worry, we already sorted this out. At the end of the day, everyone calls me ‘BN’ anyway. I’m just glad his name isn’t the exact same [emoji16]


Congrats, PS! See you on the scopes.

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Congrats PS!


I say we have a Cam-Off to see who gets to keep the name, and who is relegated to their OI. Us Austin's are at a mutual truce for now, but I fear we may have to duke it out in the near future. This would be a great opportunity to see how we'd run such a gladiatorial event.



Austin Cirulli

Community Content Coordinator

Administration Team

ZBW's most quotable controller - WN


Is Evan Controlling?



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