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Guest carchambault

Hi. I download the Nav update on a regular basis and I fly B637( free download) with FMC but I can't find the departures or approaches waypoints given to me by controllers and they don't show up on GPS either. As a result I have to ask  to bypass the whole thing and request vectors to the next waypoint...on my flight plan.

So what I my missing ???

Thanks  Claude

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Hi Don thanks for your reply. 1) Simviation B767  233EI  (SORRY !!!!)  2)FSX Standard default 3) HTPP//WWW AERO.SORS.FR.NAVINT.HTML This is the one you will find in our forum and recommended by Evan


Hope this is what you wanted to know..

Thanks  Claude

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Hi Claude -- sure is, thanks.  Hmmm.... So far, sounds like you've done things right, so not necessarily an easy answer.  Can you give an example of which fix(es) on which procedure(s) you were not able to use?  Are you sure you've downloaded and installed the most recent version (current cycle is AIRAC 1906, Effective: 23-May-2019)?

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Great.  And I apologize in advance for the next questions, but we've had folks download the update and not actually install it in their sim, not realizing it, so I'll ask....


1. Which file(s) did you download and try to install?

2. Where (on your computer) did you put the .bgl file(s) that you downloaded

3. If you placed the file in a unique folder (i.e. NOT in /addon Scenery/scenery), how specifically did you install it in your sim?

4. Which sim are you using?

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Yes, you understood perfectly.  If you put your BGL files in \addon scenery\scenery, I would have thought they would have worked.  I also have not used FSX in a while and do not have it on this machine, so am shooting from (aging) memory.


To be sure, though, you put your BGL files in \addon scenery\scenery, and not just \addon scenery, correct? 

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\addon scenery\scenery means that under the \addon scenery folder, there is another sub-folder called \scenery


The full path, if you were copying files via Windows, might look like:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\scenery\


Herve's installation instructions, on the right side of the Fixes page, are very clear and simple.  He even includes a link that takes you to a step by step guide.


Bottom line:  if you only put your files into \addon scenery\, FSX will not find them on its own.  You need to move them to the \scenery\ subdirectory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\scenery\) for FSX to find them automatically.  Alternatively, you could put them somewhere else, but then you'd have to add that new area within the FSX scenery library.  I would recommend the former; make sure the .BGL files are in the \scenery\ subdirectory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\scenery\) (move them if necessary).


Hope this helps.

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Hi. Sorry Don. Not working. Get message  (Scenery.CFG file error. Local scenery directory (Scenery World \ scenery in scenery area 01 not found)          That's when I go in FSX scenery setting to check and it shows RNAV scenery in 01 but when I click OK...the previous message comes on

Yikes, this is getting complicated..

Cheers  Claude

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Claude, did you move your .bgl files to \addon scenery\scenery\ or to the program's \scenery\ folder?  You should have moved them to \addon scenery\scenery\, and you should NOT have made any extra entries in FSX pointing to the RNAV update .bgl files.  If you did make any extra entries in FSX pointing to the RNAV update .bgl files, you should delete them.

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Hi Don. No I did not move them believed that installer would do it....so now when I bring up FSX to Load it shows (SCENERY.CFG file error. Local scenery directory (Scenery\World\SCENERY) in scenery Area.001 not found. Click ok to continue.

I am out of my depth here, I have tried to get rid of this to no avail....I have deleted all files on RNAV up date that I could find, I have tried to install it in Scenery Scenery file like you explained it to me and no joy...

Wow what do I do now....

Thanks a lot for your patience  Claude


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