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Vincenzo Musumeci

New Vatsim pilot ratings

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I have noticed for the past week that is active a new pilot ratings within Vatsim.

Seems that everyone is affected, and old ratings are not granted within the new system.

 I would like to know what bvartcc as an ATO organization it is going to do on this matter in regards of ratings earned with lots of efforts, time and most of all countless exams.

Best regards, Vincenzo Musumeci 

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Vincenzo, VATSIM simply announced the re-structuring. It has not been implemented and the launch date is still coming up in the future (not yet determined).


When it goes into effect, the new ratings will be:

  • P0: Basic VATSIM Member
  • P1: Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • P2: Instrument Rating (IR)
  • P3: Commercial Multi-Engine Licence (CMEL)
  • P4: Airline Transport Licence (ATPL)

See the following link for full details, and an explanation regarding how current ratings will transfer into new ratings under the re-structured system: https://www.vatsim.net/news/restructuring-pilot-rating-system


As the re-structuring was just announced and considering everything happening in the real-world right now, I highly doubt the Administration Team has figured out how this will work with the PRPs. I'm sure once they have information or updates, they will be posted. 


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Thanks for that BN.


Sadly, the A-Team has been working with the PTD to sort out the changes and it's been determined that, as of June 1, we'll be terminating our status as an ATO. The new ratings program VATSIM has designed requires in-aircraft instruction (as it covers things like stalls, steep turns, and other actual flying skills). This is not aligned with our program, which is designed to teach how to safely operate an aircraft within the ATC system. We feel that's a much better use for a flight simulator than trying to assess a pilot's ability to "fly" without force feedback. 


To this point, the PTD had accepted our position that our PRP, although it doesn't have live instructors, provides great training and was therefore authorized as an ATO. Since 2016, we have been able to issue more than 200 VATSIM pilot ratings. However, with this restructuring, they declined to allow us to continue to issue pilot ratings without implementing live instruction. That's just not something we feel the PRP is designed to do, nor something we are interested in implementing at this time.


We will continue to offer our Pilot Ratings Program (probably under a new name, to avoid confusion) for members who wish to get a tour of the New England area and learn something in the process. Although members will still be able to get our internal pilot ratings, we won't be issuing VATSIM P ratings any longer.


The news is scheduled for our May Logan Informer.


We're disappointed that we can't continue to offer P-ratings but we didn't feel it was worth disrupting an extremely efficient and effective training program for that purpose. 



Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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We've just been advised that the deadline for new pilot ratings is September 1. No reason was given for the change in date and I don't see any public news available on the VATSIM website. However, given the extension, we've elected to keep our Pilot Ratings Program as an active ATO until later this year. 


It's presently unclear whether the P0 rating and the addition of a new member exam at VATSIM is going to come in on June 1 as planned, or if that also is being pushed to September. (That change will not affect our members as the entrance exam for VATSIM will only apply to those joining for the first time.)



Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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