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Mike Willey

Recognizing Significant VATSIM Contribution

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As we sit here in the midst of record high VATSIM traffic, thankful for the virtual world that we are able to use to move ourselves through the global pandemic, I keep thinking of one of our long time members who has contributed SO much to our online simulation success.  What we would we do without VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VatSpy and many other things that ROSS CARLSON has contributed.  To have people like Ross willing to share his expertise in these software clients is an incredibly great benefit to our hobby and I would like to take this opportunity to post this huge thank you to you CN.  Thank you very much.

Mike Willey - Retired vZBW TA and Staff Member

ASEL, ASES, Instrument Airplane, Glider Aero Tow, Tow Pilot


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Let me please join in echoing what Mike and Evan said.

Ross, your work has been invaluable and what I find most impressive and what I'm most thankful for is that you're still with us.

Your software has been available to us for years and even now I see you reply to every request for help, every bug report, every user question on Discords, VATSIM forums, private messages and more.

Please don't think that we take it for granted. We see your effort and appreciate it immensely!




Szymon Puzdrowski

Administration Team

VATSIM Supervisor

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Somehow this thread escaped my attention last month, but I just noticed the notification bubble in the toolbar at top right.


Anyway, better late than never. Thanks all for the kind words! 


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