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[11 Jun 2020 08-11pm ET] Fly-in: Springtime in the Adirondacks

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Set the parking brake on the airliner and knock the cobwebs off your favorite general aviation aircraft! The General Aviation Fly-In visits locales across the country that are famous for their scenery and general aviation influence. While anything from a single-engine Cessna to a regional jet is welcome in this event, ‘low and slow’ offers the best opportunity to experience the scenery.

During the event, local air traffic control is staffed at smaller Class C and D airports, with overlying radar controllers to provide VFR Flight Following and IFR services. Fly VFR closed traffic, practice instrument approaches, or fly VFR or IFR between the featured airports: the choice is yours.

This week's event features Albany (KALB), Burlington (KBTV), Rome (KRME), and Syracuse (KSYR) airports These airports border the Adirondack Mountain Range and provide a great backdrop for your flights in and between the event airports.

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Hey guys,


I have a question.  Usually when I'm flying I tend to use current time of day for the region that I'm in.  With this being a G/A and VFR event, do pilots change their clocks to fly during the day?  Otherwise it will be difficult to fly VFR using pilotage techniques in the dark between 8-11pm.




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There is nothing against changing the time of day; you're certainly welcome to do so. I'm not sure what most people are doing these days but ATC wouldn't even know what your time of day settings are so whatever light you choose to fly in makes no difference to us.


We do simulate real-world weather and time-of-day when it comes to ATC procedures. Realistically, the only places that would affect your flight are:

  1. If you are trying to fly a charted visual procedure that is restricted to daylight only (for example, the Harbor Visual Runway 29 at PWM) - shouldn't be a factor for the event airports tonight
  2. We won't give line up and wait instructions from an intersection during night (although departures from intersections are still permitted)



Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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