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Boston Virtual ARTCC is proud to announce the return of Ground School: focused, 1-hour training seminars designed to offer discussion around common virtual aviation topics. The sessions, which will take place in the Member TeamSpeak and Google Meet, are open to all BVA members, with a specific focus on welcoming pilot and newer members into the community. The broader VATSIM pilot community will also be invited to join. 


Ground School topics include VFR Procedures, Weather, RNAV, Radio Communications, Holds, and much more! The sessions will be hosted by real-world flight instructors and BVA controllers Alec Liberman and Krikor Hajian. 


Sessions will continue weekly on Mondays per the schedule below. Recordings of each session are available on BVA's YouTube


Please join our Member TeamSpeak at 8:30pm ET for Ground School. You can find server connection information and a detailed connection guide on our website. Once in TeamSpeak, you'll be able to access and participate in the seminar by clicking on a Google Meet link.


2020 Ground School Topics and Dates

Schedule Subject to Change

  1. Radio Communications - Wednesday, July 15, 8:30pm ET (view recording)
  2. Weather - Wednesday, July 22, 8:30pm ET (view recording)
  3. VFR Procedures - Wednesday, July 29, 8:30pm ET (view recording)
  4. IFR Clearances - Monday, August 10, 8:30pm ET (view recording)
  5. Oceanic Procedures - Monday, August 17, 8:30pm ET (view recording)
  6. Holds - Monday, August 24, 8:30pm ET (view seminar)
  7. Instrument Approach Procedures (Part 1 of 2) - Monday, August 31, 8:30pm ET (view recording)
  8. Instrument Approach Procedure (Part 2 of 2) - Monday, September 7, 8:30pm ET (view recording)
  9. RNAV Procedures - Monday, September 14, 8:30pm ET (view recording)


VATUSA Invitation
VATSIM Invitation



Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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We are a free, immersive, and realistic air traffic control community for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. We provide air traffic control within the Boston ARTCC on VATSIM. We are not affiliated with the FAA, or the real-world Boston Center facility.

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