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Guest Eric LeMarier

Virtual USA Flying Club You Say You Want A Revolution Fly-In

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Guest Eric LeMarier

I didn't know where to post this but the Virtual USA Flying Club will be doing a VFR even tonight (July 3rd starting around (2330-2400Z) from KBED - 4B6 - KPBG - KBOS


I just wanted to make you aware that we will be forcing VFR weather into the sim while we fly. We will also leave it in the remarks of our flight plan.

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The post above was made on July 3 but because it required admin approval, it's only become visible now. 


Eric, for future reference, the best way to notify us of fly-ins and/or ATC staffing requests would be [email protected] That email goes directly to our Events Coordinator, who can assist in passing information to our controllers. Of course, we generally need a few days' notice if you'd like us to provide staffing specific to an event you plan to hold.


Nothing wrong with also posting on the forums but, as you can see, only members have access to direct-post content.



Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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