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Evan Reiter

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Member-Recommended Add-Ons

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As Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) continues to mature and several of our members get more familiar with the new simulator, we'd like to use this thread to centralize the add-ons that improve a user's experience, both for the pilot flying the aircraft and the ATC managing the flight. From scenery to aircraft to utilities, please share your payware and freeware finds for MSFS so that we can help those in the community who are experiencing MSFS for the first time find the best resources. 


Here's how it works:

If you've discovered a great add-on for MSFS, post on this thread with the following:

  1. What it is (title and brief description).
  2. Category (Aircraft, Scenery, Utility, Other).
  3. Price (Freeware or US$ Payware).
  4. Link to Product/Utility.

We'll review each of the submitted add-ons and keep a post at the top of this thread up-to-date with additions recommended by members.



Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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BVA Member Recommendations: MSFS Add-Ons

If you're setting up MSFS for the first time, check out the first-time setup instructions in our Getting Started Guide. This list is maintained by BVA pilot and controller @Jonathan Halverson.




Title/Description Description Price Link
Working Title CJ4 Base aircraft improvement for the Cessna Citation CJ4 Free GitHub
FBW A32NX Base aircraft improvement for the Airbus A320 NEO Free Developer Website
MSFS C152 Base aircraft improvement for the Cessna 152 Free GitHub
Working Title Avionics Mods Various improvements for the Garmin G1000, 3000, and 3X avionics suites Free GitHub




Title/Description Description Price Link
ZBW Class C Airport Updates Updates the taxiway signs and layouts for all of the Class C airports in ZBW airspace Free Google Drive
KBDL LatinVFR scenery for KBDL $15.00 MSFS Marketplace or Developer Website
KALB Scenery for KALB Free FlightSim.to
Bush League Legends Scenery for various small airports Free Developer Website
Scenery Glitch Fixes Fixes various elevation and scenery glitches around the world Free FlightSim.to




Title/Description Description Price Link
Navigraph  Navigation Data from Jeppesen for your simulator. Paid subscription required.  Varies Developer Website
Unreal Weather Weather utility to force weather to match METARs Free Developer Website
F2FF Connect MSFS to ForeFlight and other EFB solutions Free GitHub




Title/Description Description Price Link
Liveries Mega Pack Huge number of additional liveries for all base aircraft, some of which are community made and others which are AI aircraft liveries made flyable Free

Developer Website





Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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BSDesigns KCFD | Scenery for Coulter Field (KCFD) in Bryan, TX - Scenery - Freeware - https://www.msfsaddons.org/freeware/coulter-field-texas


C152X Realism Mod | Base aircraft improvement for the Cessna 152, matches POH performance numbers and fixes cockpit switches - Aircraft - Freeware - https://github.com/DRF30q/C152X


Caranado PA44 Seminole | Piper PA-44 Seminole, fidelity is medium, visuals are good, good framerate, aircraft performance decently matches POH numbers, low system depth, some bugs, only piston twin without a G1000/G3000 available - Aircraft - $29.99 - in-game Catalog 


FlyByWire A320NX | Base aircraft improvement for the Airbus A320neo (like the Zibo 737 for XP11), still in beta but vast improvements have already been made - Aircraft - Freeware - https://flybywiresim.com/a32nx


Liveries Mega Pack | Huge number of additional liveries for all base aircraft, some of which are community made and others which are AI aircraft liveries made flyable - Other (Livery) - Freeare - https://www.liveriesmegapack.com


Navigraph Navdata (beta) | Beta test for Navigraph in MSFS, included with normal Navigraph subscription, link is in the forums and only works if you are registered and subscribed - EUR25.90/yr (navdata only); EUR8.30/mo (navdata and charts); EUR74,90/yr (navdata and charts) - https://forum.navigraph.com/c/msfs-beta/24


Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport | Aerosoft's free add-on for their home aiport, EDLP - Scenery - Freeware - in-game Catalog


Unreal Weather | WX Utility (forces METAR data, I use this if the Live WX is not showing accurately) - Freeware - https://unrealweather.blogspot.com


Working Title Cessna Citation CJ4 | Base aircraft improvement for the Cessna Citation CJ4, still in beta but vast improvements have already been made - Aircraft - Freeware - https://github.com/Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages


Working Title G1000 | Improvement to all base G1000 implementations in stock aircraft, still in beta, some bugs - Freeware - https://github.com/Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages


Working Title G3000 | Improvement to all base G3000 implementations in stock aircraft, still in beta, some bugs - Freeware - https://github.com/Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages


World Update I/II | Free updates to Japan (I) and the United States (II), adds new handcrafted airports, POIs, city photogrammetry, terrain mesh, etc. - Freeware - in-game Catalog


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Don't forget Hartford/Springfield (Bradley) KBDL Scenery Upgrade from LVFR | Hand-made realistic ground markings, lighting, buildings, terminals, taxiways and aprons with accurate gate/parking. | $15.00 in MSFS Marketplace or LVFR KBDL

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Updated version of KASH for WINGS VFR #4 and #5



Updated version of 5B2, Saratoga Co. for WINGS IFR #9 and #10,



Also, in addition to the other products mentioned by Matt, Working Title also produces the Garmin Touch Screen Gx which is great for the XCub, VL3, and others.




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Update for the C152 mod, this is apparently the new community project that supplants the old C152X. Same concepts, freeware: https://github.com/JPLogistics/MSFS_C152/releases/


Generally, Flightsim.to already has hundreds of updated airports of all sizes from all over the world, all freeware. Some of the airports that are notable in the U.S. include:


KGFL, KLGA, KDCA, KIAD, KBWI, KDAN, KDYL, KSMO, KUGN, 3N6, 4M7, KAPG, 2NC0, KGCN, KMSY, L35, KAVX, KEMT, and the Camp Robinson Maneuver Training Area, 


Some other international airports of note include: EGKK, EGGP, and EGPH (search Edinburgh).


These are just some of the airports I thought had decent scenery, were located in interesting areas, or might be interesting to utilize on the network. Many airports in back country/bush regions are available, but that's just not flying I'm particularly interested in. If you like that kind of thing, Flightsim.to has dozens of airports of that type. Flightsim.to's search functions leave a bit to be desired, so you'll have to just type these airports in as search terms to find the airports in question.

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This is a scenery(?) add-on I made that updates the taxiway signs at all of the ZBW class C airports, and updates the layouts for the ones that need it (who knew airports change so much?). 

I guess the official title is "ZBW Class C Taxiway Update" which really rolls off the tongue.

It's free, here's the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/11EllYr7H9H19I2QcCc8vpikDGmbyUT_6

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This add-on fixes elevation glitches throughout the world which may have been introduced in version, including those high peak anomalies visible just south of KSYR.


  1. What it is (title and brief description): Scenery Glitch Fixes for Update
  2. Category (Aircraft, Scenery, Utility, Other): Scenery
  3. Price (Freeware or US$ Payware): Freeware
  4. Link to Product/Utility: https://flightsim.to/file/5198/elevation-fixes-around-the-world
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