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[07 Aug 2021 12-07pm ET] Tea Party: 22nd Annual Boston Tea Party

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We're rolling into our 22nd year of celebrating all that is BVA, and we're inviting you to join us. On Saturday, August 7, our controllers will bring you seven uninterrupted hours of ATC coverage across the entirety of the Boston ARTCC. That includes Boston (KBOS), Bradley (KBDL), Providence (KPVD), Manchester (KMHT), and The Cape. Staffing will be available from 12-7pm ET. Hope you brought your Charlie Card!

We strongly recommend pilots avoid the delays at KBOS and help balance the traffic by flying to the regional airports with local ATC coverage.

We're continuing the tradition of hosting our annual Tea Party Poker. Pilots fly to staffed airports earning poker cards, and at the end of the event will have the opportunity to win great prizes from our sponsors. Official Tea Party Poker 2021 rules will be posted at a later date so stay tuned!

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