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Congrats to Justin Blakey (BY) who has just earned his certification to work Boston Center!

Justin has been very committed and showed a strong work ethic since joining ZBW in 2019. In less than 2 years he has earned his ZBW cert, which is a major accomplishment! He has also been working hard serving the community as a member of the training staff.


Some kind words that have been said about him by past Mentors and Instructors:



The student came prepared with knowledge of the SOP and demonstrated good control technique, and was very efficient. - RQ (Class C Ground)



Great job keeping a consistent scan of your radar and issuing instructions to prevent conflicts from occurring. - RI (Class B Ground)



A thorough understanding of the separation & wake turbulence, SOPs, and phraseology allow BY to maintain strong frequency presence.  - KK (Class B Tower)



Good job vectoring to final; fundamentals are strong. - LE (Class B Approach)



Pretty much everything was happening real time as it needed to happen with little prompting from the instructor. Very nice work tonight. - NU (Center)


Now, Justin can say "Bye Felicia" to the thought of any more training sessions as a student!


Beyonce Bye Felicia GIF - Beyonce ByeFelicia GIFs



Josh Nunn

Deputy Air Traffic Manager

Administration Team

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