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Cameron Peterson

ConTact approach on.....

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There is always a first for the year. I'm excited to share that we have certified the first Center controller of 2023! Bradley Clinton (CT), BVA member since 2019, completed his Center OTS this evening by correcting incorrect routes for our Canadian friends, managing a stream of Buffalo departures, and overcame the pilot's terrible frequency etiquette.


CT joined our community in 2019, completing his introduction to Class C Ground with Nathan (RI) on October 9th, 2019. Bradley joined our Training Staff in August, 2022. Through the ranks CT has always gotten props from his Mentors, here is what some of them have said about him:


RI - "Bradley had an excellent session, keeping his scan thorough and efficient while issuing perfect clearances."

LE - "He threw around the airplanes as if he owned the place and forced them to follow his clearances."

AM - "Very good use of SRS and anticipated separation... Good job of only talking to aircraft that you need to talk to this session. Good job keeping you priorities straight and clearing your runway when running a squeeze play."

BY - "Started out pretty rough, but with practice we ... good final spacing and no deals or airspace busts."

The Center certification represents the culmination training here at BVA, and the first step toward fully self-monitored learning for the rest of your controlling career. Congratulations Bradley!



Cameron Peterson

Events Coordinator
Administration Team

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Thank you all!


I am incredibly thankful for having found this community! I have so many great memories throughout the years and I look forward to making even more in the coming years. 


Thank you guys again, I really enjoy this group! 


- CT 

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