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Evan Reiter

ORBX FTX Global Freeware Airport Packs & BVA's Featured Airports Scenery Enhancement

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If you use ORBX's FTX Global Freeware Airport Packs for FSX or P3D, you should be aware that there are a few of ORBX's airports that conflict with BVA's Featured Airports Scenery Enhancement.


In order to make the best use of both packages, we suggest removing a few of the BVA updates that conflict.


After running the BVA Featured Airports Scenery Enhancement installer (or manually installing the files), navigate to the scenery directory. For FSX, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\BVA\BVA_FeaturedAirports\scenery. If you use Prepar3D v4, scenery files will be located wherever you installed them. Manually delete the .BGL files associated with each of the airports below. Some of the airports will have two .BGL files each.

  • KBDR
  • KBGR
  • KBML
  • KBTV
  • KBVY
  • KCQX
  • KHYA
  • KLCI
  • KMVY
  • KOXC
  • KPOU
  • KPVC
  • KPVD

Next, navigate to the ORBX FTX Global folder (C:\FSX\ORBX\FTX_GLOBAL\FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS\Scenery) and delete the following files:

    NOTE: LEAVE the file "FTX_FTXG_KACK_objects.bgl" in the directory.

This will ensure that you have the ILS Runway 6 Approach at KACK, but still see the beautiful ORBX terminal and other objects.


Please note that this post is current as of March 25, 2018. It will be updated as other airports are released as part of ORBX's FTX Global Freeware Airport Packs that conflict with BVA Airport Updates.


If you use P3D v3 or earlier, the same general instructions apply. However, the two directories to reference are:

<Root P3D Directory>\Addon Scenery\BVA\BVA_FeaturedAirports\scenery




Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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I just checked today and the following BVA featured airports should be added to the list above:




Additionally, I don't see a conflict with ORBX's KPVD as far as FSX:SE goes...it may be a problem for P3D but since I don't own P3D I can't tell ya. 🙂



Chris Armstrong (AG) Class C Clearance Delivery/Ground Controller - S1

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Thanks! I've added KBVY.


For KPVD, I'm not sure what you mean about "don't see a conflict". If Orbx has a KPVD scenery and we also have a KPVD scenery, there's no reason for someone to have two .bgl files from different developers installed for the same airport.



Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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