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Dan Everette

Staffing / Position Opening

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In an effort to both increase our staffing, and to provide our students the solo experience we need, the following changes are in effect for ZBW with regards to plugging into any position at ZBW




- When logging on to control at a position within ZBW, controllers should initially log in as an OBS, and coordinate with the Controller-In-Charge, who will typically be the highest position open (i.e. CTR), unless otherwise delegated. The Controller-In-Charge will have a better feel for the overall traffic picture, and where staffing is needed.




- Controllers are encouraged to work the highest position they are authorized to work. With the recent change of position staffing policies, a BOS_TWR certified controller can work a Class C TRACON facility.




- Splitting an A90 TRACON position at the expense of opening a Class C should only be done if traffic loads warrant it and the current A90 TRACON controller approves.




- Controllers are requested to plug in at an active position for no less than (30) minutes if able. “Traffic Chasing” within ZBW will not be tolerated.




- The “D-Siding” policy within ZBW is hereby cancelled. With the amount of flexibility that being authorized to work one position higher than currently certified outside of KBOS, along with its original intent, this policy is now outdated and no longer needed.




These new policies will be reflected in the next revision of current SOP’s. Note that it does not prohibit you from working the position you wish, it just allows for intra-facility coordination to provide our customers the widest range of ATC possible.




With these new policies, we as a staff are attempting a shift in ZBW staffing and thinking. Granted KBOS is our biggest airport, but that is in large part to it is always staffed. However, in the past several months, more and more traffic has been utilizing our Class-C airports and their satellites.




It will be a somewhat long process, but we need to make an effort to staff our Class C’s. If our pilot base notices that in addition to Boston, we have 1 or 2 Class C’s open on a regular basis, it will increase the overall traffic levels in ZBW. This also provides an excellent opportunity for our students who wish to work solo at a position to gain the experience they need. Spending 2 hours on a Class C TRACON, only handling 3-4 aircraft is infinitely more beneficial than sitting around as an OBS, or watching ServInfo waiting for traffic to pick up.




The adage “If you staff it, they will come” is true. However, it doesn’t happen overnight, and this will be a long process. Though in the end, we firmly believe that this will benefit our students, improve ZBW visibility, and increase overall traffic loads, further making ZBW the place to fly on VATSIM.

Dan Everette (EE)


Retired vZBW TA, DATM, ATM

Hair Farce 1 Survivor

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