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Dan Everette

ZBW Heads of State Policy

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Due to recent events on VATSIM, and within ZBW, the following is ZBW’s policy regarding the handling of aircraft using a call sign commensurate with that of a head of state:




Boston controllers shall not provide any “special” services to any aircraft flying with a call sign used for the transportation of heads of state (Air Force 1, Marine Corps 1, Coast Guard 1, for United States’ examples), which will impact any other aircraft on the network. This includes any holding (ground, airborne, gate), airspace closures, simulated TFR’s, protective zones, escorts, etc.




Although controllers still have the ability to provide “special” services to any aircraft, at no time will the provision of services to the above mentioned aircraft impact any other aircraft within ZBW’s airspace. This includes any aircraft which might willingly participate. In short, if an aircraft flying under the call sign used to transport a head of state requests special services, such services shall not be provided if it will impact any aircraft under your control, in any way whatsoever.




If a pilot expresses frustration or has questions, please explain that it’s a facility policy, and to contact me with any concerns. If any of the controllers have any questions, please let me know via e-mail.





Dan Everette (EE)


Retired vZBW TA, DATM, ATM

Hair Farce 1 Survivor

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Guest Scotte Zinn

This is actually a VATUSA policy.




"No aircraft will be given priority over any other by virtue of it's call sign, status, virtual passengers, or pilot flying the aircraft. VATUSA Controllers have the right to approve and allow special procedures for aircraft under their control within the ARTCC and VATUSA policy and guidelines. Pilots should not expect any special treatment, queuing, or clearances over that of their fellow pilots. Pilots not familiar with this policy and demanding special treatment will be asked to conform to the policy and follow the controller's instructions. Failure on the pilot's part to follow ATC instructions as it relates to this policy will result in a call for a supervisor to disconnect the pilot(s) should they interfere with normal ARTCC operations and traffic and a report filed to Conflict Resolution."




Pilots not happy with this should be directed to a VATSIM supervisor.




-- Scotte

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