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Dan Everette

VATSIM NOTAM 12 OCT 06 – Revised Global ATIS-Controller Info

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In short, the following is vZBW’s policy with regards to the subject NOTAM:




Ops Normal (i.e. continue with the same ATIS you’ve been using), with the following exceptions:




The following items are not to be in your ATIS




- Controller Name and/or Rating


- Controller Frequency (i.e. using the $com1 variable)


- Raw METAR data (use ATISMaker to parse it for you)




ATIS’s are to be no more than 4 lines of pilot operational information, and each line shall be less that 64 characters in length.




That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. After having observed many ATIS’s by various controllers here, it won’t be an issue, as most people’s ATIS’s are well below the maximum allowed. Just keep the above 3 line items out of your ATIS.




Here is a link to the actual policy:








If you have any questions, please let me know.

Dan Everette (EE)


Retired vZBW TA, DATM, ATM

Hair Farce 1 Survivor

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