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Mike Willey

A Brand New CLASS C Tower Controller...

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Congratulations to Philip Katz (KZ) for passing his OTS for CLASS C Tower and the S2 VATUSA exam with a score of 100.


OK now its time to get some good experience climbing up those tower steps at all of our Towered airports within vZBW.  No elevators in any of them so by the time you get done with Bangor, Portland, Manchester, Providence, Bradley, The Cape, Syracuse, Albany and all the others you will be in good shape !!!


Nice job with all of your student work so far.  Keep it up !!

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Thanks, WY and BU :D! I really appreciate it. Haha - hopefully, it won't take me that long to get up to KBOS  ::).


It is a great honor to be recognized and commended by the vZBW community, although I believe that I am undeserving of such praise. The primary reason why I have had such success is because of the instructors and fellow ZBW controllers that have been there to guide and mentor me - whether it be on the Sweatbox or on the network - and it is because I am surrounded by such wonderful people that I am motivated to continue.


See you all on the scopes!

Philip Katz (KZ)

C1 Controller at Boston Virtual ARTCC (BVA)

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