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Mike Willey

Look whos climbing the steps to the BOS Tower Cab......

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Congratulations to Phillip Katz (KZ) for passing his Boston Tower OTS today.  Now its time to really get some use out of his college education and find a way to clean up this mess in the Tower Cab.  This place has been a mess since DO strewed those bottles of hair tonic (I think he was drinking that stuff) around here and nobody has ever been able to get it off all of the desks and chairs.  Your job, Mr Katz is to figure out what chemical mixture might be able to cut this stuff.. It is really bad.


Welcome and Congratulations.....

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Thanks, BN, DB, and WY! And about that hair tonic....I secretly drank a few bottles while I was on BOS_S_TWR when DO wasn't looking ::)...Shhhhh...but yes, I will be sure to clean up the mess. Let me just take a few more bottles here...


I didn't know I was getting paid, DB. :P

Philip Katz (KZ)

C1 Controller at Boston Virtual ARTCC (BVA)

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And all this time I thought nobody would catch on to the Bombay Sapphire in the hair tonic bottles....  At least you haven't found my stash of Burrough?s Reserve (yet).  (HINT:  I don't leave it in the cab....)


Congrats, KZ!

Don Desfosse (DO)

Vice President, VATSIM

Division Director Emeritus, VATUSA

Air Traffic Manager Emeritus, Boston ARTCC

Boston ARTCC - Where Excellence is Routine!

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