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Don Desfosse

Congratulations are in order!

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Please join me in congratulating Daniel Hoffman (HA) in earning his Full Performance Level Center certification tonight!


During the multi-VA fly-in, with FNO-level traffic, there was aluminum all over the place, but HA kept it all coordinated and separated, and all LOAs adhered to to boot.  Needless to say, this is the pinnacle controller certification achievement at ZBW, so CONGRATULATIONS!

Don Desfosse (DO)

Vice President, VATSIM

Division Director Emeritus, VATUSA

Air Traffic Manager Emeritus, Boston ARTCC

Boston ARTCC - Where Excellence is Routine!

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Congrats, HA! It was a pleasure controlling with you, as well as the rest of the crew. I had a fantastic time tonight and can say you definitely, 100% earned and deserve the cert. Congrats again, enjoy center during the on-peak times!

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Thank you all for the kind words, and to all the people who have trained me over the last few years (WY, MR, DO, KK, MO, DB). I shared my excitement with my fiancee, who absolutely didn't care at all.


It is great being part of such a wonderful team and I look forward to controlling on center without that pesky "S."


To all of you who are currently working your way up the certs ladder, I say: you too can become a fully certed enroute controller (especially if you're able to be on for Friday nights).


See you all on the scopes!

Daniel Hoffman


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