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Guest PG

Fresh Meat at the Charlies

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Guest PG

Ladies and Gentlemen, congratulations are in order, for one Claudius Pietzcker (PR) who valiantly passed his S1 OTS under the watchful eye, and pressure, of not one but two (de)mentors. After we kicked the Katz out of the Sweatbox on Portland, (WY you really should check on that infestation of Katz that we have), PR excelled, moving pesky pilots all about, without any collisions (the MD-11 bunny hopping the Cessna on the runway may or not have been my fault). Anyways, congratulations Mr. Pietzcker, I?m sure you?ll enjoy the class charlies, but I?d avoid the coffee, it?s no where near American standards, let alone European standards, but if you need a good disinfectant I hear it does it?s job admirably.


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LOL, this is great. Fantastic job, PR. As I said earlier, looking forward to controlling with you in the near future. Good luck and see you on the network!

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Guest Claudius Pietzcker

Haha wow, this is amazing, thanks so much, PG, and thank you, BN and HA for training me! Yes, I was a bit surprised to see those two planes landing on 29 at the same time but I figured I'd just pretend for a moment that this was http://www.atc-sim.com (I will no longer need to use that :) ) where that happens all the time?

Thanks again, looking forward to controlling in ZBW!

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Guest Jared Yost

Congrats, PR! All those observing hours finally paid off. Look forward to seeing you on the scopes and controlling with you sometime!

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