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Mike Willey

Another RADAR position at A90 filled....

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Congratulations to Camden (Cam) Bruno (BN) for passing his full A90 approach cert this afternoon.  He was able to outperform the simulator operator in many respects to make sure all of the aircraft got safely onto the approach at KBOS.  A very nice job, well done !!

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Guest Claudius Pietzcker

Congrats, BN!



PR - sent from mobile device

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Guest PG

BN, as a friend and fellow controller, I'd like to be the third person to congratulate you on getting a full-time parking spot at A90. Congrats man!

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Guest Michael Bertolini

Nice job! Welcome to the big TRACON =D

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Thank you everyone for your kind words of congratulations and encouragement. Great to finally be up to the full A90 level, looking forward to whats to come in the future. Lastly, thank you to the mentors and instructors that helped get me to this level, obviously couldn't have done it without you!

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Congratulations, BN! To celebrate, you should get some LBSTA with KRANNberry sauce! (That would be a terrible combination.) Looking forward seeing you on A90 and controlling alongside you. Keep it going, man!

Philip Katz (KZ)

C1 Controller at Boston Virtual ARTCC (BVA)

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