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Mike Willey

"NEW" instructor joins the ZBW staff..

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I am happy to report that Don Desfosse (DO) has agreed to come back on the ZBW instructor staff to help our new cadre of controllers who are quickly coming up the ranks.  DO's efforts will be greatly appreciated as he has an excellent record of helping to train to the highest levels here at ZBW.. Thank you very much DO !!

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Guest Michael Bertolini

Best news of the day! Welcome back DO!


Guys remember, DO gets the special treatment since he's "NEW" ;)

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Time to buy a few bottles of hair tonic to put in the cab...It's good to have you back on the training staff, DO!

Philip Katz (KZ)

C1 Controller at Boston Virtual ARTCC (BVA)

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Late night Class B Approach sweatbox.

God help you all.


Matthew Spencer (SP)

Extremely Retired Training Administrator

ZBW's goodwill ambassador to the rich and famous

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Late night Class B Approach sweatbox.

God help you all.


So true. Love to have you back instructing, Don!


Kevin Moody (KK)

Former Instructor, Webmaster & Facilities Engineer

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