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Philip Katz

We have a new Class B GND/DEL controller, and he doesn't even know it.

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A ZBW S1 controller with his off-peak KBOS cert took to the scopes as usual - little did he know that his mentors were plotting against him....


Congratulations to Jared Yost (YT) for passing his Class B GND/DEL OTS on the network tonight during a ZNY event at KPHL. YT saw a total of 50 aircraft appear on his scope during his three hours on the position, and he dealt with both arriving and departing traffic both efficiently and with style. He also had first-hand experience at dealing with your typical VATSIM idiot, I might add. The "Voice of ATIS" rang true today, as he also took over the ATIS halfway through the session.


And another controller receives a set of keys to the Boston tower cab.


Well done, YT!

Philip Katz (KZ)

C1 Controller at Boston Virtual ARTCC (BVA)

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Fantastic job tonight, glad that KZ and I had the opportunity to monitor you and make this decision. Center, A90, and our surrounding ARTCC's had nothing to complain about in regards to altitudes, routes, etc. which is a very good thing  ;) Keep up the great work and you'll go far!


Onwards and upwards,

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Guest Jared Yost

Thanks everyone who has helped staff Boston and get me traffic! Not only did I have  lot of aircraft and some idiots tonight, in the middle of controlling I even had to take a phone call. Sound of ATIS now has to actually do ATIS's for real :o See you guys in the scope, I'm off to deal with 100mph wind gusts and golf ball sized hail in good old Nebraska.

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Guest PG

Congrats YT, onwards and upwards.



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