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Camden Bruno

ZBW's Newest Tin Pusher

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Please join me in congratulating Alec Liberman (LN) for pushing some tin and not only achieving his Class C/D DEL/GND certification yesterday, but acing the VATUSA S1 exam as well. This is especially good news for MB seeing that he has been looking for someone to staff up KALB recently. I urge you to use caution when entering some of the C/D cabs as they have been vacant for quite some time now. Might want to do some cleaning before you begin to control. In all seriousness, great job and keep up the hard work.


Onward and upward,

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Guest PG

I have a ten-gallon drum of Lysol hidden in Dube's office because I was too lazy to haul it all the way to mine. You're more than welcome to borrow it if you can find it.


In any case,


Congrats, LN!

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