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Matthew Miller

ZBW's Newest Center Controller!

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Please join me in congratulating Camden Bruno (BN) after skillfully controlling the busiest Center Sector during our FNO last Friday! It seems like it was just yesterday when we were congratulating him on his S1 rating. For the past month and a half Camden has been working hard towards his ultimate goal of being fully certified on Boston Center. Finally he was given the chance and passed with flying colors. Congratulations to our newest, fully certified, Boston Center Controller!

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Guest Claudius Pietzcker

Congrats, BN!



PR - sent from mobile device

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Can't thank you all enough. Thank you to the ZBW community and especially the training staff (DB, WY, DO, MR, DA, BI, and KK) who got me to where I am today. Additionally, I'd like to thank all who have encouraged me along the way such as KZ, PG, all of the previously listed training staff, and many more. Feels so great to finally be officially done with training and I consider this a major (somewhat strange), but a very great transition in the vATC world. Again, thank you everyone for your kind words of congratulations. I look forward to dedicating more time to training students rather than receiving the training!




P.S. KZ, i'll try to avoid "being right back" the best I can lol

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Guest Michael Bertolini

VERY well deserved. It was awesome working with you the other night BN, very well deserved.


Glasses UP! As DO would like to say....  ;) ;D


Look forward to working with you now more on center! Congratulations and awesome job BN!

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