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  1. Thanks everyone and thanks to PS and RZ for the training at BOS!
  2. Update for the C152 mod, this is apparently the new community project that supplants the old C152X. Same concepts, freeware: https://github.com/JPLogistics/MSFS_C152/releases/ Generally, Flightsim.to already has hundreds of updated airports of all sizes from all over the world, all freeware. Some of the airports that are notable in the U.S. include: KGFL, KLGA, KDCA, KIAD, KBWI, KDAN, KDYL, KSMO, KUGN, 3N6, 4M7, KAPG, 2NC0, KGCN, KMSY, L35, KAVX, KEMT, and the Camp Robinson Maneuver Training Area, Some other international airports of note include: EGKK, EGG
  3. Bush League Legends Scenery | Multiple airports and locales updated with a focus on bush flying and small STOL aircraft, ZBW locales include 35ME (Manticus Island) and KPVC (Provincetown) - Scenery - Freeware - https://www.bushleaguelegends.com/addons/msfs/msfs-scenery/msfs-scenery-usa
  4. BSDesigns KCFD | Scenery for Coulter Field (KCFD) in Bryan, TX - Scenery - Freeware - https://www.msfsaddons.org/freeware/coulter-field-texas C152X Realism Mod | Base aircraft improvement for the Cessna 152, matches POH performance numbers and fixes cockpit switches - Aircraft - Freeware - https://github.com/DRF30q/C152X Caranado PA44 Seminole | Piper PA-44 Seminole, fidelity is medium, visuals are good, good framerate, aircraft performance decently matches POH numbers, low system depth, some bugs, only piston twin without a G1000/G3000 available - Aircraft - $29.99 - i