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    • Begins: Friday, December 6, 11am ET (1600z) Ends: Sunday, December 8, 11pm ET (0400z) 60 Hours Kickoff FNO: Friday, December 6, 7-11pm ET (2400-0400z) Join us for this one of a kind ATC marathon event! Boston Center will be staffed continuously for 60 hours throughout the first weekend in December.  As part of this unique tradition, we will also be hosting Friday Night Operations (FNO) to kick off the first night of this amazing weekend. This is one of our favorite events and we look forward to talking to you all throughout the weekend of continuous ATC coverage. There are no sign-ups or special actions required for pilots to participate: just connect and fly, any time you want, between 11:00am ET on Friday, December 6 through until 11:00pm ET on Sunday, December 8. How many flights can you get in before the end of the night on Sunday?
    • Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, not your carbs. On the Friday before Thanksgiving (Nov 22), Boston Virtual ARTCC and Cleveland ARTCC will be stuffing as many planes as we can into Boston Logan Airport (KBOS) and Detroit Metro Airport (KDTW). We hope to see a smorgasbord of traffic with more fixin's than Grandma's squash casserole, and there will be plenty of gravy and cranberry sauce to go around! The feast begins at 7pm ET / 2400 Z on Friday, November 22, and is scheduled to last for 4 hours. As always, we will try our best to stick around for leftovers, as long as the turkey hasn't gotten to us yet! Bring your empty belly and a full tank of Jet-A for a night that is sure to be sweeter than pumpkin pie!
    • BVA's Pack the Pattern gives pilots the opportunity to fly closed traffic at one of our busier airports and experience the realism of being sequenced with IFR and VFR arrivals. This event is designed to put both our most skilled pilots and controllers to the test. All traffic is welcome, from a piston prop remaining in the pattern to a long-haul airliner flying in from afar. Join us for a few touch-and-goes, low approaches, or a full-stop landing! This Pack the Pattern is hosted at Martha's Vineyard Airport (KMVY). Local Time: November 12, 2019 8-11pm ET Zulu Time: November 13, 2019 0100-0400z
    • 60 Hours is back. Join us for this one of a kind ATC marathon event!   As part of this unique tradition, Boston Center will be staffed continuously from December 6 at 11am ET to December 8 at 11pm ET (6 Dec 1600z - 9 Dec 0400z).  We will be hosting FNO on that Friday night as well.    We look forward to seeing you all there!

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We are a free, immersive, and realistic air traffic control community for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. We provide air traffic control within the Boston ARTCC on VATSIM. We are not affiliated with the FAA, or the real-world Boston Center facility.

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