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Francis Dube

Position Posting: Events Coordinator

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The EC:

* Reports to the ARTCC's Deputy Air Traffic Manager and the divisional Events Director (VATUSA5)

* Maintains an online presence on the VATSIM network.

* Functions as VATUSA staff member and attends periodic meetings to report on ARTCC activities and to stay abreast of VATUSA issues and policies.

* Coordinates with divisional and neighboring ARTCC?s for event support and planning purposes.

* Acts as the primary liaison between virtual aviation organizations and the ARTCC

* Develops ideas for events which promote the ARTCC, potentially including but not limited to member gatherings, group flights, and fly-in/fly-out events.

* Provides guidance and help to assigned controllers or guests; optionally, establishes a staff of "Mentors" to assist new controllers and guests.

* Provides for coordination of position assignments and position restrictions when necessary.

* Develops and distributes marketing material (graphics, news posts, forum posts, etc) to promote events and the ARTCC.

* Must be available for regular correspondence (via the primary means of e-mail), as well as routinely checking VATUSA forums and other outlets for official notices.




Core Requirements



The successful candidate:


* Must have at least a Senior Student rating.

* Must control at least the minimum number of hours required by the ARTCC Standard Operating Procedures to maintain active membership.

* Must be an active member of the network in good standing.

* Must have excellent written and oral communication skills.

* Must be able to work in a team environment.


Highly Desired Skills and Abilities


The successful candidate will:


* Possess a high degree of energy and commitment appropriate to the requirements of the position.

* Set an example as an active controller both during events and normal daily operations. The best leaders lead by example.

* Demonstrate at a minimum the qualities of understanding, patience, maturity and when necessary, restraint.

* Bring a verifiable level of experience sufficient to ensure the ability to manage a complex aviation environment.

* Understand and commit to a high level of participation with the knowledge that the position requires considerable devotion and commitment of time.

* Instructor or Mentor experience on the network is a plus.

* Experience and certification within the ARTCC is a plus. Candidates currently active on the roster will be given first consideration.

* Previous managerial or administration experience on the VATSIM network or real world is a plus.

* Have no significant disciplinary history or record of unprofessional behavior.



Interested candidates should be aware that this is not an entry-level position and not for the inexperienced. The workload can be considerable at times and should not be taken lightly. Only those who understand the requirements and can make the appropriate commitment should consider applying. Candidates can expect an initial evaluation of their application after which they may be contacted for a comprehensive interview.


Applications should include:



* Full Name, active e-mail, and VATSIM CID

* Resume

* Plans and vision for the facility as related to the events program




Please send applications, along with a brief explanation of your plans and vision for the facility, to Francis Dube, Air Traffic Manager [email protected]

Francis Dube (DB)



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