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Position Posting - ATC Mentor

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Position Posting - ATC Mentor




The Boston Virtual ARTCC (BVA) is currently seeking ATC Mentor(s) who will provide compelling training capability in support of the BVA ATC Training program. The ATC Mentor provides instruction to students in air traffic control procedures in several areas including theory and the VATSIM environment. Training is conducted utilizing one-on-one settings on TeamSpeak, using a training server or live-network environments. Staff mentors schedule and document training sessions with students, grade examination corrections and conduct Over The Shoulder (OTS) examinations in accordance with the published ratings guidelines and OTS criteria.


Key Accountabilities

• Report to BVA Senior Administration (ATM, DATM, TA)

• Work with students learning air traffic control procedures, both general and local, in theory, a training server, or live-network environment

• Document training sessions using web based tracking system

• Evaluate students for promotion using VATSIM, VATUSA and ZBW policies/procedures

• Provide additional/advanced training as directed by the Training Administrator, ATM or DATM

• Maintain a high online presence

• Other duties as assigned by ATM/DATM/TA

• Functions as a staff member and attends periodic meetings as necessary



• S3 rating or higher

• Must be an active member on the network in good standing with a clean history

• Capable of working well in team-oriented environment

• Familiarity with the Boston Virtual ARTCC training program/system

• Strong knowledge of VATSIM/US ATC system

• Strong knowledge of FAA Order 7110.65

• Must have excellent written and oral communication skills

• Able to work with students in a calm and respectful manner, including some students which may prove to be difficult


Preferred Skills

• Prior ATC Mentor/Instructor experience

• Teaching/Education experience (on or off VATSIM)

• Leadership, managerial, or supervisory experience

• Real world aviation/pilot experience


Time Commitment

Applicants should be aware that mentors would be assigned multiple students. Therefore, they are expected to host 2-3 training sessions per week (on average). These training sessions are generally 1-2 hours long.


How to Apply

Applicant must provide a letter of application and a resume of relevant experience. The letter of application should summarize the applicant's reasons for wanting to join the staff team, compelling evidence to show how the position requirements are met, how the function will thrive under the applicant's leadership, and why the applicant desires to hold a position as a part of BVAs ATC training program. Please also include your name, CID, current rating, and any prior experience.


Applications should be submitted to the Air Traffic Manager ([email protected]), Deputy Air Traffic Manager ([email protected]), and Training Administrator ([email protected]). This is an ongoing posting with no immediate closing date. Successful candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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